10m Running Target

10m Running Target

The Running Target range is an electronically scored indoor 10 metre moving target range, housed within the BSRC Club House. Limitations regarding the type and calibre of rifles that may be used on this range are covered in the Range Regulations.
The range is operated using the computer control unit on the wall behind the Firing Point and the operating console & Start switch located within the Firing Point. Shot placement is displayed on a monitor located on the wall to the left of the Firing Point.

The dimensions of the BSRC Running Target range are as follows (ISSF specification in brackets):

Shooting distance (measured from a line on the floor, usually below the edge of the bench nearest the shooter):10 metres(10.0 ± 0.05)
Maximum horizontal variation of the position of the Firing Point either side of a line perpendicular to the centre of the target track:0.0 metres(± 0.4)
Height of target centre (measured above ground level at the Firing Point):1.4 metres(1.4 ± 0.05)
Target run as seen by the shooter:2 metres(2.0 + 0.02, - 0.0)
Target crossing time: slow5.0 seconds(5 + 0.2, - 0.0)
Target crossing time: fast2.5 seconds(2.5 + 0.1, - 0.0)
Minimum width of Firing Point:1.0 metres(1.0)
Height of bench:0.75 metres(0.8 to 1.0)
Range lighting standards: target1580 lux>1000
Range lighting standards: firing point139 lux>300

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