British Running Deer Championships (Pre-entry required)

This event usually takes place in July, and is normally the only time during the year that the full NSR course of fire for Running Deer Singles (4 sighting runs followed by 20 competition runs) and Doubles (4 sighting runs followed by 10 competition runs) is shot. The current Club Shooting Programme should be consulted for precise timing. The event is open to NRA Members and members of Affiliated Clubs as well as BSRC Members.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

Open Section:

  • a. Running Deer Singles
  • b. Running Deer Doubles

Shooters may enter either Singles only, Doubles only, Singles and Doubles including the British Running Deer Championship (aggregate of the first series of Singles and first series of Doubles), or just the British Running Deer Championship.

Awards and Trophies:
The following trophies are presented by the NRA:

The Challenge Trophy is presented to the winner of the British Running Deer Championships.

The Challenge Cup is presented to the winner of the Running Deer Singles competition.

The Walter Winans Cup is presented to the winner of the Running Deer Doubles competition.

The Dewar Cup is awarded for the best 10 shot series in either the Unlimiteds (see below) or the first or second 10 shots in any Championship series; the winners of the above three NRA trophies are ineligible.

The following trophies are awarded by the BSRC:

The Butterworth Decanter is awarded for the best 80 shot aggregate of Running Deer Singles and Doubles, the winners of the awards presented by the NRA are ineligible.

The Butterworth Memorial Medal is awarded for the best aggregate of: the sum of the best four 10 shot Running Deer series (Singles or Doubles) from either the Running Deer Championships or the Unlimiteds plus the best 10 shot Standing Boar, i.e. HPS = 300.

A silver medal is awarded for the highest aggregate and a bronze for the second highest. A Member winning a silver medal is ineligible to win any other until two years have elapsed. A Member winning a bronze medal is only eligible to win a silver medal until two years have elapsed.

NB: The definition of the 10 shot series to be applied to Running Deer Championship scores is either the first or last 10 shots, i.e. first or last 10 runs of Singles, first or last 5 runs of Doubles. Target scores only from the Unlimiteds and Standing Boar may be used, i.e. handicaps are ignored.