BSRC Historic Match

This match is unique in that it is the only BSRC event open to non-members other than by personal invitation. Non-members wishing to participate must hold a Firearms Certificate authorising the use of the rifle(s) and ammunition on approved ranges.
The match usually takes place in March and is timed to coincide with the Bisley Classic Arms Fair. The current Club Shooting Programme should be consulted for precise timing.
Only rifle/calibre/sight combinations pre-dating 1st January 1946 are eligible for use in this match. The competitions shot are divided into separate classes comprising rifles with ‘iron sights’ and those with telescopic sights.
Entry fees, notified in the preceding Club Newsletter, at a similar level to the normal Green Fee are charged. Initial entry is free to ASP holders.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

  • Running Deer Test – nominally subdivided into:
  • a. Deer rifles with any sights
  • b. Deer rifles with iron sights
  • c. Big bore (i.e. .375 and above) deer rifles
  • d. Running Deer Doubles – restricted to double rifles only
  • e. Sitting Fox (Open Rules)
  • Running Boar Class B Event – nominally subdivided into::
  • f. 22 rimfire rifles with any sights
  • g. 22 rimfire rifles with iron sights
  • h. rook and rabbit rifles
  • Roebuck – nominally subdivided into:
  • i. Deer rifles with any sights
  • j. Deer rifles with iron sights
  • Sitting Fox – nominally subdivided into:
  • k. Any rifles and sights
  • l. Any rifles with iron sights
  • m. 50 metre static competition (standing position, no shooting aids)
  • n. Rook target – 22 rimfire rifles with any sights
  • o. Rook target – rook and rabbit rifles
  • p. Rook target – traditional lever action (pistol calibres)
  • q. Roebuck target – traditional lever action “Cowboy Guns”, restricted to tube magazines
  • r. Roebuck target – other pistol and rook and rabbit calibre rifles

The rules of competitions a), and c) through e) the same as for the normal BSRC competitions of the same name and are given in Section 5.
Competition b) is as for the normal Running Deer Doubles Club Event (see Section 5.1.3), except that the course of fire is restricted to two sighting runs and five scoring runs (three right to left and two left to right).
Competition f) is not a normal BSRC competition, however the rules are similar to the Sitting Fox.
Re-entries are permitted only if the shooter competes with a different rifle, and only if the shooter enters the full details of the rifles on the corresponding score cards (otherwise the lowest score will count).

Awards and Trophies:
Commemorative NRA Prize Certificates are awarded to the winner of each class within each competition.