Christmas Match

This match forms the last Club event of the year and is combined with the Club Christmas Lunch. The current Club Shooting Programme should be consulted for precise timing. Shooting is confined to the morning only, ceasing at the normal lunch break for the Christmas Lunch.
The current Green Fee is charged, which covers a single entry in each of the three competitions; a charge is made for re-entries. Annual Shooting Passes do not apply for this event. Re-entries are permitted but precedence will be given to initial entries.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

The programme of shooting is somewhat flexible. By way of a guide, however, previous matches have contained the following competitions or something similar:

  • a. The “John Strugnell” Memorial Shoot (any centrefire rifle within range limits allowed)
  • b. Running Boar Class B Event (no dry firing and no sighting shots allowed)
  • c. Stalker’s Test (Capercailzie targets in lieu of roebuck)

The self-handicap system is usually applied to all three competitions. The shooter selects his own handicap on the day (separate handicap for each competition), which is added to his target score. If a shooter’s combined target score and handicap exceeds HPS, however, his score will be calculated by deducting two points from HPS for each point by which HPS was exceeded.
Awards and Trophies:
The Gold Moose Badge (donated to the club by Dr. Ian Waite a former club member) is awarded for the highest Moose target score.

The Thompson Ten Point Tankard and Plate (donated by Vic Thompson a former club member) is awarded for the highest match equalized (%) aggregate target score for shooter who has not won a major award during the year.

Cash prizes are awarded for the first three places in each of the competitions.