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We have more than 60 Club events throughout the year, including meetings on alternate Sundays, usually the first and third of the month. The first of these is a Match Day when we shoot the Running Deer, the Running Boar and three Static matches, as well as the 10m Moving Target. The second, a Range Day, is less structured allowing members the opportunity to practice. There are also a number of Wednesday Range Days, Induction Courses, General Training days, Match Training Days and Match Practice days at regular intervals throughout the year.

 As well as our Spring Match and the Club’s Annual Championships, which are held in the autumn, there are also other specialised matches for deer stalkers and those interested in historic rifles. The BSRC also hosts the British Running Deer Championships on behalf of the NRA, and the British Running Boar and British 10m Running Target Championships.

 Some 20 clubs are affiliated to the British Sporting Rifle Club and, together, they hire our ranges on every other available weekend day throughout the year.

 The ranges are also available for tuition and corporate events by prior arrangement..