Inter Club Matches (Pre-entry required)

Two Inter Club Matches are normally held each year, one in the spring and one in the autumn. The current Club Shooting Programme should be consulted for precise timing.
The organiser will normally write to all Affiliated Clubs in advance, inviting them to enter teams of up to five shooters each (best 3 scores to count). A notice will normally be posted in the preceding Club Newsletter notifying the contact for any BSRC Member wishing to take part.
Annual Shooting Passes do not apply for these events.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

The programme of shooting is subject to variation and entrants should refer to the announcement in the Club Newsletter for details. By way of a guide, however, previous matches have contained the following competitions:

  • a. Swedish Deer Test (any centre fire rifle permitted by range regulations)
  • b. Running Boar (10 slow runs & 10 fast runs on different ranges)
  • c. Running Target Slow Runs (reduced course of fire of 2 + 10 slow runs)
  • d. Stalker’s Test (any centrefire rifle permitted by range regulations)

Re-entries are not permitted. The best three aggregate scores from each team are summed to produce the team score. Scores for the Running Deer are doubled to ensure equal weighting for each competition.

Awards and Trophies:
No set awards or trophies are given.