McQueen Match

This Match is shot at 300 yards on the NRA’s Century range. One match is held each year; the current Club Shooting Programme should be consulted for the timing of this Club event.
The course of fire it is two sighting shots, followed by ten shots at the target as it appears at random in various positions on the castle. Each exposure will be limited to 3 seconds, during which time you must fire a single shot. The target will then disappear for between 10 and 20 seconds during which time you reload and wait for the target to re-appear at another location.
A Green Fee is charged for each entry to cover the cost of hiring the lane(s) from the NRA.
Annual Shooting Passes do not apply for this event.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

a. McQueen Sporting – any centre fire rifle in a calibre conforming to the Bisley Range Regulations and which is in the style of a sporting rifle (BSRC Class B)
b. McQueen Sniper (Open) – any sniper rifle conforming to the Bisley Range Regulations
c. McQueen Sniper (Classic) – any sniper rifle prior to 1945 design.

Re-entries are permitted (subject to range space) and the order of shooting will be determined using squadding sheets held on the firing point