Mid Boar Range

Mid Boar Range

The Mid Running Boar range is a 50 metre moving target range equipped with an electronic scoring system, comprising a Firing Area building and a moving target system. Limitations regarding the type and calibre of firearms that may be used on this range are covered in in the range regulations.

The Firing Area building contains the Firing Area and a separate waiting room. The Firing Area comprises two shooting bays (Firing Points) and a Line Officer’s (LO’s) station. All shooting takes place from the right hand bay above which the main electronic target display is located; the left hand bay is for dry firing only. A red safety light is positioned above each bay. The range is operated from the LO’s station using the target control unit, and the electronic scoring system controller. The auxiliary target display for the electronic scoring system is also located at the LO’s station together with a telephone.

The moving target system comprises a rail mounted target trolley which is driven by a braked electric motor via a system of cables and pulleys. The motor, drive gear, switch gear, and the ‘manual’ Marker’s station are all contained in the right hand butt (motor room). The Marker’s station contains a telephone and a scoring clock.

The dimensions of the BSRC Mid Running Boar range are as follows (ISSF specification in brackets):

Shooting distance (measured from a line on the floor, usually below the edge of the bench nearest the shooter):49.95 metres(50.0 ± 0.2)
Maximum horizontal variation of the position of the Firing Point either side of a line perpendicular to the centre of the target track:0.6 metres(2.0)
Height of target centre (measured above ground level at the Firing Point):TBA metres(1.4 ± 0.2)
Target run as seen by the shooter:10.02 metres(10.00 to 10.05)
Target crossing time: slowTBA seconds(5.0 to 5.2)
Target crossing time: fastTBA seconds(2.5 to 2.6)
Minimum width of Firing Point1.08 metres(1.0)
Minimum height of roof above shooter2.8 metres(2.2)
Bench height:0.87 meters(0.7 to 0.8)

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