Range Days

Range Days are normally held on the third or fourth Sunday of the month, and midweek on the last Wednesday of the month. The current Club Shooting Programme should be consulted for precise timing.

These informal events are intended to be used by Members for competition practice, zeroing rifles and testing ammunition. All ranges apart from Time Limit will normally be available for use. Shooters must be prepared to act as Line Officer on the moving target ranges.

The current Green Fee is charged unless the shooter has an Annual Shooting Pass.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

The Chief Range Officer (CRO) will arrange the shooting programme based on the stated intentions of shooters. The ‘Self Squadding’ sheets used for Matches will be made available for use on the moving target ranges. Shooting will be conducted in a similar manner to the Monthly Matches except that shooting will be regularly interrupted approximately every half hour to allow targets to be changed on the Statics range; electronic static targets are not normally used on Range Days.

Shooters must not expect to be allowed to shoot on the Statics range during two consecutive half hour periods. A shooter wishing to carry out extensive zeroing or ammunition testing must make arrangements to use the Statics range on a weekday. On the Statics range, precedence will be given to shooters wishing to train for the Club’s Statics competitions over those wishing to zero their rifles or test ammunition.