Running Boar Unlimiteds

This match is normally timed to align with the NSRA Junior international and is open to NRA Members and members of Affiliated Clubs as well as BSRC Members; it also serves to encourage non Running Boar shooters to try out the discipline.
The match employs an “Own Start” handicap system. Prior to shooting the competitor nominates his handicap in the range 0 to 80 (the default handicap is 0) which is added to his target score.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

The name “Unlimiteds” means unlimited entry; competitors pay and shoot as many times as they wish subject to range capacity.
Normal Running Boar shooting rules apply (see Section 5.1.4).

The course of fire is Running Boar slow runs with two sighting runs and 10 scoring runs, i.e. the Running Boar Class B Event.

Awards and Trophies:
A cash prize equal to the entry fee is paid to every competitor whose target score plus handicap equals the highest possible score of 100.