Shooting achievements

In furtherance of the first two of the Club’s Objectives namely:
To encourage and promote competitive shooting with the sporting rifle, in particular the International Shooting Union (UIT) and Nordic Shooting Region (NSR) Moving Target and similar matches.
To seek to improve the facilities available for such competitions in Great Britain, and to do everything in its power to ensure that this country is worthily represented in the moving target and sporting rifle events at International Championships and Olympic Games.

Between 1962 and 1999 the club sponsored members to:
5 Olympic Games
9 World Championships
5 European Championships
10 Nordic Shooting Championships
and at least 6 Other International events.

Notable achievements

1967 World Running Boar Championships, Pistoia – Team 4th place.
Behind USSR, Sweden & USA, beating Italy, West Germany & Finland
1972 Munich Olympic Games (19 nations) – John Kynoch, Bronze Medal
1974 International Running Boar, Vercelli – John Anthony, Gold in Mixed Runs
1978 World Championships Seoul, (18 nations) – John Gough, Silver Medal
1985 Nordics, 50m Mixed Runs – David Chapman, First (beating Tor Heistad)
1990 Commonwealth Games, Auckland – 10m Running Target
John Maddison, Silver Medal (with equal score to winner)

Individual British Records

Running Deer Singles 20 shots 97 David Chapman 09.05.93 Spring Match
40 shots 189 John Gough 16.09.84 MT Champs
189 John Maddison 16.07.06 MT Champs

Doubles 20 shots 95 John Madison 20.07.97 Deer Champs
40 shots:

181 David Ashcroft 01.04.79 Spring Match
181 John Anthony 23.03.80 Spring Match
181 Steve Wallis 16.07.06 MT Champs

50m Running Boar 60 shot 590 David Chapman 10.05.89 Nordic Trial
Mixed Runs 40 shot 388 David Chapman 30.05.87 Suhl

10m Running Target 60 shot:

569 David Chapman 19.11.95 Aldersley
569 John Maddison 10.01.99 Aldersley
Mixed Runs 40shot 379 John Maddison 11.12.93 Aldersley

Static events Roebuck 100 John Kynoch 12.10.97 Club Match
Fox 99 David Chapman 10.05.92 Spring Match

5 Match Championship/Spring Match Aggregate HPS 1000 with Deer scores doubled.
944 David Chapman 10.09.95 Annual Champs

Leatherby (when standing was at 60m) 100 Michael Morris 04.10.1987
since then all at 100m 100 Sue Westlake-Guy 08.11.1998
100 Steve Lewis 05.11.2000
100 John Kynoch 10.11.02
100 Alan Harvey 11.11.07

World /Nordic Records

Running Deer Singles 40 shots:

196 Jorma Lievonen FIN 1981 Bisley
196 Tor Heiestad NOR 1987 Baerum
198 Sepp Pietila FIN 1992 Bisley

Doubles 40 shots 198 Tor Heiestad NOR 1987 Baerum
Teams Singles 588 Finland 1992 Bisley
Doubles 571 Finland 1992 Bisley

50m Running Boar 60 shot 596 N. Lapin URS 25.07.87
Mixed runs 40 shots 398 L Racansky POL 04.08.98

10m Running Target 60 shot 590 M. Kurzer GER 18.08.04
Mixed runs 40 shot 391 M. Kurzer GER 14.03.01
391 L. Czapla POL 31.07.06

Running Deer was included in the Olympic Games from 1908 to 1948. MT re-entered the Olympics in 1972 with the inclusion of the Running Boar event which was included until 1988. It was replaced by the 10m Running Target air rifle event in 1992 which continued until 2004. There is no MT event currently included in the Olympic shooting schedule.

Running Deer was included in the ISSF World championships between 1929 and 1962. It was replaced by the Running Boar event in 1966 and the 10m Running Target air rifle event was added in 1981. Although both Running Boar and Running Target continue as ISSF World Championship events, there has been no GB representation for many years.

Since the demise of the NORDIC’s, BSRC has continued to compete in an annual competition with clubs from Norway, alternating the location between the UK & Norway. There is a hope that, by continuing the competition, the NORDIC Championships can be restarted.

The Moving Target competitions are still shot regularly at events on continental Europe and BSRC now receives invitations to several of these. Two members, Paul Ben-Nathan & John Maddison, completed in 2016 and we hope that more members will take the opportunity in the future.