Spring Match and Annual Championships (Pre-entry required)

The Spring Match and Annual Championships form the main events in the Club’s calendar. The former is normally held in early May, the latter in early September. The current Club Shooting Programme should be consulted for precise timing. Both events are held over two days.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

  • Open Section:
  • a. Running Deer Singles
  • b. Running Deer Doubles
  • c. Running Boar
  • d. Roebuck (Open Rules)
  • e. Sitting Fox (Open Rules)
  • Class B Section:
  • f. Running Deer Test
  • g. Swedish Deer Test
  • h. Running Boar Class B Event
  • i. Roebuck (Class B Rules)
  • j. Sitting Fox (Class B Rules)
  • k. Stalker’s Test
  • Air Rifle:
  • l. 10m Running Target

Shooters may enter all or part of either the Open or the Class B section.
Class B shooters may, however, enter competition (c) in lieu of competition (h) in which case the scores for the first 10 slow shots will be used in calculating the shooter’s Class B aggregate score.
Open Class shooters may also enter competitions (g) and/or (k), although this will not form part of their Open aggregate score.
When calculating both the Open and Class B aggregates, scores in all the events are recalculated to be a percentage to ensure equal weighting of each competition. The HPS of 1000 comprises 400 Boar, 400 Deer and 200    Statics
Any shooter may enter the air rifle competition (l) which does not form part of either aggregate.


Awards and Trophies:
Glassware trophies are awarded to the first three places in all events, and for Class awards in both the Spring Match and the Annual Championships. Additional glassware trophies are awarded for shooters aged under 21, noting that they may not take more than one award in any discipline.


For the Annual Championships only:

The Open section (This forms the British Sporting RifleChampionship)
The Captain Butterworth Memorial Trophy is awarded for the highest aggregate score.

The Aspinwall Cup is awarded to the winner of event (a), the Running Deer Singles Club Event.

The Fox Crystal Loving Cups is awarded to the winners of event (e).

No shooter may take more than one award.
The Fred Grote trophy is awarded to the Tyro (Open or Class B) with the best aggregate score comprising the Stalkers’ Test, the Swedish Test, the first 10 shots of Running Deer and the first 10 shots of Running Boar.

The Roebuck Crystal Loving Cup is awarded to the winner of event (d).

The Class B section
The Stalker’s Cup is awarded for the highest overall aggregate score.

The Stalkers’ Moving Target Cup is awarded to the highest aggregate sore of the three moving target competitions (events (f), (g) and (h)). In the case of the latter, scores are scaled in proportion to the HPS to equalise the contribution of each to the aggregate.

The Stalkers’ Statics Cup is awarded for the highest aggregate score of the three statics competitions (events (i), (j) and (k)).