Standing Boar

This match is normally held concurrently with the Running Deer Unlimiteds, and is open to NRA Members and members of Affiliated Clubs as well as BSRC Members.
The match employs an “Own Start” handicap system. Prior to shooting the competitor nominates his handicap in the range 0 to 80 (the default handicap is 0) which is added to his target score.

Programme and Order of Shooting:

As for the Unlimiteds, competitors may pay and enter as many times as they wish subject to range capacity. The course of fire is 10 shots, in two series of 5 shots, from the standing position without support at the 100m DJV Standing Boar target on the Statics range.
Each shot is fired during a timed 4 second exposure. In other words, the course of fire is the same as the Roebuck, but at the Standing Boar target and from the standing position.
Any centrefire rifle within the range limits with a maximum calibre of 8 mm and with a case capacity not exceeding the .30-06 may be used.

Awards and Trophies:
A cash prize equal to the entry fee is paid to every competitor whose target score plus handicap equals the highest possible score of 100.