Static Range

Static Range

The Statics range is a 100 yard fixed target range comprising a sheltered Firing Area, a stop butt and a removable red flag located in front of the Firing Area. Limitations regarding the type and calibre of firearms that may be used on this range are covered in the range regulations.

The Firing Area contains an operating switch and three lights associated with the red safety light system and electrical connections and a mounting bench for the electronic target system control/display units.

The stop butt is equipped with two target frames. The target frames are designed to accommodate target boards 3 feet (0.9 metres) in height, and each frame is wide enough to hold three DJV roebuck or sitting fox targets. The target shed to the left of the target frames contains four electronic targets which are mounted in pairs on wheeled trolleys. When required for use, the target frames are removed and the trolleys rolled out to take their place.

The Statics range is equipped with four Haring electronic target systems. Each system comprises a target assembly and an associated control/display unit. Each target assembly comprises a LOMAH board microphone system and a detachable target fascia. Each control/display unit comprises a keypad and display screen. The computers for each lane are located in the Mid Boar waiting area along with a printer used by all 4 targets. Any of the four channels may be set up for either the DJV roebuck, sitting fox target, or anatomical roebuck target.

An electronic timing device is available for use with any of the lanes. The timer comprises two light units containing 2 lights (green and red) and an operating switch, and is normally used for the Roebuck competition.

The distance from the Firing Area canopy pillars to the target frames is 95 metres (104 yards).

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